January 27, 2009

Tip #1: How to mount UnMounted Rubber Stamps I


I. Mounting UnMounted rubber stamps with Tack'n Peel (reusable cling sheet made by Tsukineko)

1. Place acrylic block on the yellow side of the Tack ’n Peel sheet and trace the outline with a thin permanent marker.

2. Use scissors or craft knife to cut out the traced shape.

3. Peel off the yellow liner from the Tack ‘n Peel and place onto the block or handle.

4. Remove the clear liner but do not discard.

5. Place your unmounted stamp or any found object onto exposed side and begin your stamping project!

6. When finished, remove the stamp or design object and replace the saved clear liner to protect the surface until ready to use again. (Caution: unmounted stamp or design object should be removed for proper storage to prevent difficulty in removing later.)

7. When ready for re-use, restore tackiness by just wiping the surface with a wet cloth or rinse with water if needed, and allow to air dry.

* Certain inks may stain areas not covered by unmounted stamp while
Tack ‘n Peel is in use. This should not affect the performance of the sheet; however, if heavy build up of ink stain reduces the tackiness, replace the Tack ‘n Peel.
* To prolong the life of your Tack ‘n Peel, store away from heat and direct sunlight.
* Adhere different objects to create your own stamps!