November 16, 2012

Tip #16: Coloring Images with Walnut Inks


This Walnut Ink (in Eucalyptus) come as a spray, but you can use it with a sponge dauber (or any art/ craft, even cosmetic sponges) to color images.

You'll need a stamp (LS-B41 Maple Leaf), an ink pad (Memento Rich Cocoa), Walnut Ink (Eucalyptus) and a sponge dauber.

1. First, stamp your image(s) and let dry. Then, spray a small amount of Walnut Ink onto your craft sheet (if you don't have one, on a plastic bag or plastic table cloth)...I added a little bit of water because I wanted a more diluted color

2. Pick up the solution with the sponge dauber
3. Sponge the stamped images
4. For some shading, just sponge more ink onto parts of the image
Here's a sample card using the panel above.